This One’s On Me

Cheers to the inspiring, motivational and beautiful women everywhere x

Underwear and a Crown

September, where did you go?? Time seems to be moving so quickly right now.

As a result of learning how to run my business (there’s SO MUCH and I am NOT technical!), taking a counselling course, being a single mom to 4 kiddos, with 3 large fur beasts, triathlon training, leading the occasional yoga class and learning/managing several health issues that have surfaced this year NOT TO MENTION spending time with my own family when I can, socializing when I can, spending time with the man in my life and god forbid trying to read a fucking book for pleasure … I’m getting spent!


I’VE created this. Yup. And the best part is…?  I don’t see it as a shit storm. At all. I am in the process of making significant changes. I am learning my ass off in subjects I LOVE, I get to be creative and I get…

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