Stay Curious

New motto (it kind of has to be). Because here’s what I’ve figured out in these last weeks, while dog and house sitting for a friend.

People I told about the sitting gig were like ‘Wow you must be so excited to get into a nice bed and house!’ And yeah, I was and have had moments of bliss during the stay.

Somewhere in the middle of all the luxury though, I realized I’ve become lazy. I’m not up at the crack of dawn planning out my day. I’m not out in the mountains or downtown exploring or making plans to socialize with friends, or at the gym. I’m home straight after work with some kind of quick food and ready to settle in for a night of telly. Lame!

So while this has been a great break from my reality, it’s taught me what I am ultimately seeking:  beautiful freedom and that raw, intense feeling of choosing to survive in abnormal circumstances.  Not just surviving but thriving! Only curiosity can take you past your limits into potential utter happiness.

It’s extreme to give everything away and live with so much less. But those were my limits I had to push through.  What are yours?

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